7 thoughts on “Vigilant Futures funded CEP News

  1. At least CEP lasted longer than Refco did as a publicly listed company. Refco was riddled with all sort of scandals!!!

  2. And that's how it goes, the people running Geosign/Moxy Media now were frat buddies in uni and worked at past companies together (worked to flip the companies, as they're working to flip Moxy noww)

  3. Illinois Secretary of State Website database search for registered LLC's.

    NTKN and Allston Trading have the same address for the Principal Office

    CHICAGO, IL 60605

    Could be something, could be nothing.

    Another interesting address. The listed Manager in Need to Know News is one John Harada, the listed address for this manager is:

    200 W. MADISON STE 700, CHICAGO, IL – 60606

    Principal Office street Address for Jed Capital LLC is:

    200 W MADISON ST STE 700
    CHICAGO, IL 60606

    Could be nothing, could be something

    Also, search JED and NTKN again on the same website, they share the same Agent as well:


    This really could be nothing as I think the State of Il allows agents to serice multiple clients.

    WDYT? Could this be a smoking gun? Enough to get them kicked out of the lockups?

  4. I believe the Jed/NTKN connection is known in Washington. I'm not sure why things are allowed to continue. I'll try to ask the officials in charge.

  5. Any word from those officials in the Senate office? If it is such a well known connection, why has it not been shut down? Or maybe there is nothing there? Maybe the Govt. does not frown on these types of relationships.

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