Vigilant Futures changes name to Vigilant Global

September 2013 Update: Read my latest article on the kerfuffle over Fed “leaks” and see where Vigilant fits into the story.


Vigilant Futures, the secretive trading firm that funded Canadian Economic Press (CEP News) has changed its name to Vigilant Global.

Although Vigilant Futures founder Arvind Ramanathan confirmed in an interview with me that his company had funded CEP News, the now defunct news agency had always declined to say who all its funders were.

Vigilant Global site does not reveal executive names

Vigilant Futures is now Vigilant Global with a new look to go along with the new name

CEP News also did not say that it was run by Marco Gomez, who instructed key staffers not to reveal he was involved in the company. Both Gomez and Ramanathan had worked together as traders at Refco before it imploded.

Had it been know that CEP News was supported by a hedge fund-like proprietary trading company, it might not have been able to access government lock-ups where sensitive and potentially market-moving economic data is released.

The old Vigilant Futures site

Those were the days. Vigilant Futures is now Vigilant Global.

Late last year, the LinkedIn profiles of top Vigilant Futures executives were removed. Their presence on the business networking site allowed reporters and other Vigilant watchers to figure out relationships and see related searches.

Like the old Vigilant Futures site, the new Vigilant Global site does not have the name of any of its executives on its site and its office photos show no signs of any human presence. (Update: People now feature in the photos.)

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