Susanne Goodman: Background on the latest judge to land in trouble

Justice Susanne Goodman

Justice Susanne Goodman

Whenever I hear one of those crazy judges-gone-wild stories, like the one about Justice Susanne Goodman, who apparently can’t be bothered to provide the reasons for her rulings, one of the first questions I ask is how on earth did this person get appointed to the bench?

Invariably the answer is that there was some kind of political or personal connection. In the case of Robin Camp, who came to be known as the “knees together judge” and was recently forced to retire, his patrons had ties to the Alberta Conservative party. Camp was managing partner at the Calgary law firm where then-premier Alison Redford’s ex-husband, Robert Hawkes, who led her transition team, was a senior partner.

In Goodman’s case, her father was …

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