Police team searches full-time for Laura Babcock

Updated with comments from Dellen Millard’s lawyer

Det. Jennifer Cash of the Toronto Police said yesterday that she is working full-time on the disappearance of Laura Babcock.

Babcock went missing in June 2012. Her last phone calls were to Dellen Millard, accused murderer of Tim Bosma.

Cash said in a brief phone interview Tuesday that an entire team was working on the case, but she declined to provide any further details and referred all questions to lead detective Mike Carbone, who is in charge of both the Babcock case and the investigation into Wayne Millard‘s death. Carbone has not yet returned calls.

Wayne is Dellen’s father. His death, from a gunshot to the head in November 2012, was originally deemed a suicide, but the case was reopened after Dellen was arrested for Tim Bosma’s murder in May of this year.

No new information on either the Babcock or Wayne Millard cases has been released since June 4 when the police held a news conference.

Update: Deepak Paradkar, Dellen Millard’s lawyer, said in an email: “Police have not contacted me or DELLEN about either one of the other two cases.”


3 thoughts on “Police team searches full-time for Laura Babcock

  1. Is Laura still classified as a missing person?

    Why don’t you believe that Laura had some form of contact (other than by phone) with someone after Millard, as stated by Carbone in the June 4 press conference?

    And if Millard is somehow connected to her disappearance, would any additional charges be kept secret under the publication ban?

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