Dellen Millard’s letter from jail

Here is the full text of the letter Dellen Millard, accused murderer of Tim Bosma, wrote from prison to one of his fans, a 31-year-old woman from the Kitchener area. For details on how it was authenticated see these two earlier posts:

If you have information on the Dellen Millard, please contact me at

Text of the letter


The prisoners here call me ‘Big D.’ So I kind of feel like I’m writing to someone who has highjacked (sic) my nickname. I’m going to take it as a meanningful (sic) coincidence. Pleased to make your aquaintance (sic)!

I’ve never before found myself in prison. It’s been an uncomfortable experience so far. One of the worst parts has been that everyone seems to think I am a murderer. (Which I’m not, I go out of my not to step on ants.) I always suspected the news papers (sic) were full of shit, but until recently I had no idea! Another surprise was how the police conduct themselves. They formed their theory, and then went about making it a reality. I’m somewhat horrified at imagining how many innocent people might be imprisoned right now. Police corruption is nothing like Hollywood portrayed, truth really is stranger than fiction.

My closest friends and family stand by my side, which is really all I need. But I must say it is uplifting to get your letter! That someone out there who has not known me cant still see what’s being said about me just doesn’t addup, gives me confidence a jury can see it too.


I’d like very much to continue to write to you; to have your support and to have a proper conversation once I make bail.

(Which I hope will happen in September).

But for that to happen, I’m going to have to meet you first.

I get two twenty minute visits per week. Because I only get two, you can bet one will be taken every week by family.

I invite you to drop by :

tuesday 9am – 11am 6pm – 8pm

I look forward to meeting you Dee!

-Dellen -(BigD)

2B left
cell 7
165 Barton St E
Hamilton On
L8L 2W8

Dee Letter page 1

Dee Letter page 2

14 thoughts on “Dellen Millard’s letter from jail

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  3. This cannot be true. Firstly, the fact that the alleged “Dellen” even hinted at his innocence in the letter is in breach of his own right to remain silent, one he has exercised on his own accord since the moment he was arrested. Also, Dellen and his lawyer are not and have never had intention of applying for bail – which makes that statement easily suspicious on it’s own. My comments are verified in this link:

    • Someone, glad to see you commenting again, but please pick one user name and stick to it. A benefit to this no-sock-puppet policy is that your comments will be automatically approved without moderation.

      I’m not clear where you get the idea that “Dellen and his lawyer are not and have never had intention of applying for bail.” The Globe and Mail thought the fact he wasn’t looking for bail was newsworthy enough to make it their headline .

      And, as Jim Van Allen, an experienced police profiler noted, clients like Millard can be a “nightmare” for their lawyers as they don’t like taking orders so it doesn’t really surprise me that he would write a letter in spite of his lawyer’s advice. In the linked article you provide, Dellen Millard does indeed seem starved for company.

      Finally, Dellen Millard’s lawyer has never denied this letter was written by his client although he has been asked about it many times including by reporters at the August 1 court hearing in Hamilton.

  4. Has anyone looked into that this is indeed where he is staying? I assuming that this isn’t public knowledge so would make me think its more real if this is was his “address”
    2B left
    cell 7
    165 Barton St E
    Hamilton On
    L8L 2W8

    If this IS public knowledge and I’m wrong please let me know Ann

  5. It’s public knowledge that Dellen is in Barton Street Jail in Hamilton. It’s never been hidden from the public. MS is in Niagara Detention Centre.

    • Just an update. According to the Spec, Smich is now at Toronto East jail in Scarborough. He was transferred, but this was not announced to the media or public.

        • Smich, not Millard, was transferred. Sorry for confusion. I edited my comment to make this clear. No idea why he was transferred.

          Re specific cell for Millard, not sure it makes much difference as it doesn’t prove or disprove veracity of letter.

          • I was assuming that if it had a specific cell and block number (and it was correct) that it would make a difference since it is not public knowledge. But what do I know lol I have no clue about this stuff 🙂

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