Cartier Irish Cream: the Niagara version of Baileys

Cartier Irish Cream is a Canadian Baileys knock-offI’ve been on a bit of a Baileys Irish Cream jag as of late so when my local Wine Rack offered me a sample of Cartier Irish Cream, which is essentially a Canadian knock-off, I eagerly accepted.

It tasted great and at a price point of $16.50, it’s just slightly more than half the price of Baileys.

Instead of being whiskey-based, this Niagara version uses fortified wine, but that’s about all I could find out about it so I’ll have to investigate more.

In the meantime, give it a whirl.

22 thoughts on “Cartier Irish Cream: the Niagara version of Baileys

  1. I just bought a bottle and it tasted good at the sample tasting at the wine rack but when I got home and tried mine it began to get lumpy once poured. I did shake the bottle before pouring and the bottle wasn’t opened. Not sure if this is normal or if it’s just a bad bottle? I would stick with Baileys if this is normal, just my opinion.

      • I purchased a couple of bottles after sampling it at a local grocery store, just for the holidays. I always enjoy a little in coffe or black tea. I am throughly impressed, it’s not heavy like baileys and I look forward to buying this again. I love that it’s wine based not whiskey based!
        Support local this is better both in taste and price point !

    • We’ve been drinking it for a couple of years in our morning coffee. It is never lumpy – don’t drink it if it is. It is supposed to be refrigerated after opening. As of today (April 16, 2016) they just changed their label and must also have changed their recipe because it tastes completely different. To me, not an improvement. I may have to go back to Panama Jack from the LCBO – a dollar more but also a wine based Irish Cream that tastes exactly the same as the former Cartier flavour.

      • Hi Pat……I agree that the new recipe is not nearly as good as the original. I don’t like it at all and I’ve just written an email 2 customer service at head office exclaiming my displeasure over the change in the recipe. It would be great if more people would do the same and urge them to go back to the original recipe.

        • Hi Judi – thanks for replying. I went back to buying Panama Jack which tastes just like the original Cartier. I too wrote to the producer to complain but I’m not even sure I wrote to the right company. It was difficult to research who makes Cartier – I wrote to Jackson-Triggs but I’m not 100% sure they are the producer. I didn’t get a reply. I appreciate you replying.

          • i have been drinking your irish cream for several years buy the case may I add your new version sucks big time you need to change it back .from reading other people review I am not alone please change it back I did not know panama jack is a good substute thanks folks

    • I’ve been buying it for a little while now for snowboarding vacations (4 bottles in total) and it is definitely not normal. The seal must’ve been broken I’m guessing. My one bottle in the fridge from this past January is still just as good as when I opened it

      • Lumpy Cartier is definitely not normal. I agree with those that recommend Panama Jack. It tastes exactly like the former Cartier. It’s more expensive though – around $22. I changed over to Panama Jack when the Cartier recipe was first changed and it’s all I use now. The employees at the Wine Rack don’t seem to know anything about the recipe change.

  2. Excellent! Love the wine based factory not as heavy as Bailey’s whiskey based.
    All wine lovers would enjoy this Irish Cream! Excellent either in coffee or on ice.

  3. I just opened a bottle of Cartier’s Irish Cream and it has a distinct flavor of coconut, which neither my wife nor I like at all.

  4. 1. I’m not much of a wine drinker.
    2. I AM a whiskey drinker … Irish whiskey, to be specific.
    3. I’m Irish, born and raised.
    4. Though not a regular drinker of either, I liked Cartier’s better than Baileys.

  5. Been drinking Cartier Irish cream since it was called 21. Mhmmmmm. But will not b buying our weekly treat anymore. To bad it was and I say was so delicious

  6. I just tried the new version of the Cartiers Irish Cream and there is a significant difference in taste.
    I will no longer be buying this product because of the change in ingredients. We used to drink a couple bottles a week.
    Guess Baileys will receive our business now.

  7. We have been drinking his for a few years and have enjoyed it regularly. Usually we purchase a case at a time several times a year. Recently we went to purchase more and to our surprise it has changed not only the look of the bottle but the taste. Not at all impressed and will not be purchasing it again. We will be going back to Baileys Irish Cream. It cost more but I will pay more for something I like. It is sad that something so good and popular has been discontinued.

  8. I totally agree with you, I do not like the new version at all in fact brought 11 bottles back since I used to buy it by the box. I just loved the old recipe and am thourghly disappointed that they changed the recipe. I too will go back to Caroline which costs more but is closer to Cartier’s old recipe. As to Panama Jack I find that similar to Cartier’s new recipe.

  9. I too tried this as a sample at the wine rack earlier this year and was blown away by the smoothness and taste… when we bought another 2 bottles today and tasted it….we noticed right of the bat that the smoothness was long gone. Replaced by this harsh chest burning after taste. Not only that it seems a lot more watered down and the flavours just aren’t right. I WILLbe returning these bottles and will try the recommendations made here.

    • Hi – you should try Panama Jack (Original) from the LCBO or other liquor store, depending upon where you live. It is identical to the old Cartier. The price is around $18.00 / bottle.

    • I also just returned 12 bottles of the new Cartier’s Irish Cream (although I was only given credit for 11).The new product is undrinkable. It is thinner, it smelled of chemicals, and tastes terrible. I could not swallow even one mouthful of it (in my coffee). It would be bad enough if it had just been discontinued, but to replace such an enjoyable product with something so vile makes you wonder what they were thinking. The Wine Rack manager acted like he did not know what I was talking about. But obviously from the above comments, there has been lots of feed back. I too will be trying the recommendations made here. Old habits die hard and I really miss the old product–coffee isn’t the same without it.

  10. I’m curious what the “fortified wine” is exactly. I can’t drink Cabernet Sauv because it gives me terrible migraines. I tried Panama Jack’s in my coffee yesterday rather than my usual Baileys and woke with a terrible headache.

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