Read legal documents for Shirley vs. JED Capital, John Harada

I have posted Christopher Shirley’s complaint against JED Capital and John Harada on Scribd. Cutting and pasting is not possible, but there are some juicy bits about how NTKN was funded including on page 6. Read it yourself and feel free to reference the best sections in the comments.

Shirley’s asking for $20 million, but when I was a working journalist, they used to tell us not to report these figures, which are essentially meaningless given that the plaintiff can ask whatever he wants (so long as he’s not worried about pissing off the judge.)

4 thoughts on “Read legal documents for Shirley vs. JED Capital, John Harada

  1. $20 million is chump change. It wouldn't pay one Goldman Sachs bonus or get you in with Bernie Madoff.

  2. I love that the only mention of JED's trading with NTKN data required JED to reimburse someone 150k because the data was wrong.

    Just greedy fools behind curtains.

    I wonder how MNI will react.

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