By Request: Brookshire Media, DexTV Update

Update: As the commodity business goes, so goes the commodity-owned TV business. DexTV has gone belly up.

A couple of commenters have recently posed questions about the Brookshire Media/ DexTV situation and wondered why I never followed up.

Well, basically, the answer is this: the owner, Brookshire and Company Ltd., whose main business appears to be Brookshire Raw Materials, seemed a whole lot more transparent than Canadian Economic Press (CEP News).

The owner, Brookshire Raw Materials, does commodity-related investment products so it’s understandable that its parent company might have a lot of cash to invest in something like an internet TV operation. Also, if you’re in the potash and pork bellies business, it’s not hard to see why you’d be attracted by industries like publishing and broadcast, which often provide access to the rich, famous and powerful. You know, the whole Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black deal.

What’s more, when I poked around a bit, I found what might be Brookshire’s business model in this press release:

The following companies will be airing on this week.

Airing Date Company

Mon. Dec. 17th, ’07 Essam Zhagloul- Fiber Optic Resources Tues. Dec. 18th, ’07 Robert Eisses- ICRON Technologies Wed. Dec. 19th, ’07 Graham Chisholm- ICS Copper Systems Ltd Fri. Dec. 21st, ’07 Linda Thorstad- Oremex Resources

For Further Information, Contact:

Scott Barber Director of Operations The Richmond Club

300A – 219 Dufferin Street and Liberty, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6K 1Y9

(Update: Because the link is now dead, I am posting what I found in Google’s cache at the bottom of this item)

It almost seemed like a television version of a trade or B2B magazine where companies pay not just for ads but for “editorial” coverage.

A while back, I also watched DexTV a bit and didn’t see anything different from the mainstream networks, right down to the bad pancake make-up. I should probably tune in again.

In the mean time though, it strikes me as a vanity broadcast operation crossed with a trade magazine.
Update: In response to Chris Henry’s comments, I am posting this link to the information above on companies airing on DexTV. Just in case the cache link goes bad, I will post a screen grab when Blogger’s photo upload function starts working again.

Update2: Here’s the screen grab:

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  1. They’re owned by a commodity hedge fund/brokerage??? I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point. Still doesn’t that seem like a bit of a leap in terms of business models? Does that bother you? Still no follow up interview?

  2. Why would it bother me? If a bunch of commodity traders think they can provide business TV that’s better than what’s out there, I say go for it.

    Obviously, if you’re seeking out the latest commmodity news, it would be necessary to keep an eye out for potential conflict-of-interest situations, but, in the grand scheme of things, how is it different from BCE owning CTV and the Globe and Mail?

    What makes sense to me about Brookshire and not about CEP News is that the former could very well be in it for the glory and the sexiness of broadcasting, while in the case of Canadian Economic Press, its backers are hiding from the limelight.

    My experience is that most people who go into media ventures as a second career — ie starting a magazine, producing a film, buying a TV station — want to hang with the rich and famous and wield influence.

    Their business models may not be great but their social status is enhanced by the new ventures so it’s all worth it. (Or it turns out to be a huge cash drain and they eventually shut their vanity projects down)

    But if you’re not getting the ego boost and aren’t interested in it, then presumably you’re in it for the money alone. And since the public CEP News model aslmost certainly is not making money, I’d like to know about what’s going on that’s not public and requires so much secrecy.

    That’s probably what’s earning the money if indeed there’s money being earned.

  3. The commodity markets are super hot right now with almost all commodities setting record highs! All the investors should pull their money out of this hedge fund, as this is a terrible use of the funds money. They should be concentrating on the commodity markets, not creating the worlds worst financial news site. Dogtwitterer, I don’t think this enhances the status of any hedge fund. I would sooner try my luck in vegas then invest in the hedge fund who threw this together. Do you really feel that this benefits this firm? Do you think they can take on the big boys like cnbc?

  4. I have to say I only watched a bit of Brookshire, but was not at all impressed.

    I can’t help but feel that if you’re going to do supposedly different biz TV, you should make it different.

    Why just copy the same sets, hairdos and outfits as every other TV anchor bot. The whole anchor thing is practically self satirizing at this point.

    Do I think this TV station benefits Brookshire Raw Materials? Absolutely not, but clearly someone there wants to be a TV mogul and has the cash to do it.

    My bet is the whole thing won’t last very long. and you’re right, they’d probably be better spending the money in Vegas.

  5. Is Brookshire a US or Canadian based fund? I’ve heard of them but I thought they were a US firm?

  6. I think its a pretty underexploited area. Besides, is there really any video based business sites? Not really and I think their production value looks pretty professional. FOX business news is another one but I think that this site has a better chance as their costs must be a lot lower. I don’t think there are any other video sites devoted to finance so I say its a pretty good move by these commodity players. Its called diversification and its what smart people do to stay in the game. Biz 101.

  7. Ann – I strongly recommend you take another look at Dex TV ( As one of the broadcast journalists who works here, I can assure you that no company pays for any editorial – we have half a dozen chase producers sourcing interview guests and pursuing business stories related to an American business audience. We are not owned by a commodity hedge fund or brokerage company but a media company called Brookshire Media. I’m not sure where you picked up the notion that people successful in other professions love to enter the media profession to “hang with the rich and famous and wield influence”. I have never met a successful business person who needed to be validated by the rich and famous. If you are a bona fide journalist, you should do some fact checking before opining on things you know nothing about.

    Chris Henry
    Dex TV

  8. Chris,

    Thanks for your input. DexTV is owned by Brookshire and Company Ltd, which also owns Brookshire Raw Materials. I have corrected all inaccurate information, but I think you’re being a more than a tad disingenuous when you fail to mention Brookshire Media’s parentage and imply that there’s no relationship at all.

    As for the company reports that air on DexTV, I certainly would have inquired about those had I ever been granted the interview I was promised. Feel free to take this opportunity to explain just what those company reports are, how they work, and when readers can watch them on DexTV.

    Finally, on the question of whether or not successful pork belly traders and cement company execs like to hang with the rich and famous, I’ll leave it up to our readers to decide if it’s a curiously misinformed “notion” that I have picked up or a basic fact of life.

  9. Ann – I’ll say it again: there are NO company reports that air on Dex TV! I’m there five days a week and I have yet to see one, conduct an “interview” in one or write one. So I just don’t know where you are getting the idea that Dex TV is an outlet for paid company advertorial. It just ain’t so! The journalism we do is from scratch and we are slowly building a network of correspondents around the world. Dex TV has been in existence for less than 8 months and in that time we have built a newsroom, studio and production facility from scratch. The staff are experienced TV people, the journalists are just as experienced (I have 35 years in the business and I’m not alone)and we are working hard to create business news that works for the audience to whom we are aiming our content.

    Chris Henry

  10. Two points:

    I cited a press release about companies airing on DexTV. While the original link is dead, the information lives on in the Google cache so you can go and see for yourself. You might also want to note that Gregory Beckett, the president of the Richmond Club, which issued that press release, has ties to Brookshire
    for whatever that’s worth.

    Secondly, I did not say advertorial was the business model. I said it might be part of the business model. And once again, I couldn’t confirm whether or not it was because the interview I was promised never came through.

  11. Here’s the scoop on Dex TV: it is NOT about journalism at all.

    Dex TV is the subsidiary of a raw materials investment firm. The people at the parent company help design program content to appeal to potential clients. Stories are chosen or rejected based on their appeal to that audience, not on their value as news items.

    Dex TV’s “experienced” correspondents include the president of the company’s Chicago office and a close friend of the boss. One correspondent once tried to pass off a fake interview as a report.

    Most of the hosts are former weathercasters.

  12. Wow you really got to the heart of the story. Thanks so much… Are the stories about dogs as inaccurate as this too?

  13. Dex.TV was a joke. A correspondent who decided to fake an interview, a 23 year old producer (very experienced at doing what I am not sure)
    Stories were taken from Bloomberg and rewritten and claimed as original.
    Stories were rejected based on conflict of interest with company direction, especially anything to do with Jim Rogers. (Owner of Brookshire had a fight with Jim Rogers)
    A restricted list of equity/currency/commodities that can be reported on, as they didn’t have enough icons to show on the screen.
    All the writers had no financial background what so ever, just think about how original those stories can get especially when they had to write 6 per hour.
    Only financial analyst was let go in may due to budget cuts.
    Writers were let go in September with some not getting paid for the last two weeks and severance pay. The rest of the staff got laid off in December, but they knew it was coming.

  14. A few points about the Dex-TV demise. First, only two of the anchors were former weathercasters (who had a fair share of journalistic credits in their bag). The rest of us were ex-CBC, CTV, CITY or Global TV news journalists.
    The other point is a sad example of betrayed trust. Those of us working at Dex knew it was in trouble. The remaining core was working for the last few weeks (months in some cases) on either reduced wages or no wages at all. Why? We believed Dex had some promise. Brookshire’s owner, John Marshall asked for our support, promising to the end that he had potential investors lined up. When it the to the crunch in December, he said a last-ditch effort was either going to provide the liquidity to carry us into 2009, or we would shut down. He promised to show up on December 5th, one way or the other. Instead, when we arrived at Dex, our news director was left to tell us that Dex was closing and we were escorted in to remove any remaining personal belongings. Since then, we have not received our Records of Employment and there’s been the suggestion that we won’t be getting T4s necessary for our tax returns. Dex has yet to file for official bankruptcy, meaning that none of us can access Canada’s WEPP program to get up to $3,000 in government support. So, we’ve been truly screwed.
    One tries to understand that John Marshall supposedly lost a lot of personal investment in this enterprise, caused by the financial crisis that has hurt so many companies. But it’s a sad comment on how a group of committed employees has been left without due compensation, then also left without appropriate recourse to government assistance.
    A final thought…in my short time at Dex, I witnessed a few of John Marshall’s pep talks on his plans for Dex. He’s very smooth. Given what has happened, I have learned this much about business. If he tries to sing a song of business potential to you, do yourself a favour. Plug your ears.

  15. Is it true he’s on the lam?

    Is anyone from the company still around or have they all disappeared?

    And to the journalist who believed in Dex TV, why exactly did you think it had potential? I’m really curious as to what Dex TV felt it was doing that distinguished it from competitors.

    Thanks to everyone for all the info. and happy new year.

  16. I stumbled upon this blog while attempting to track down Marshall – I’m not remotely surprised by any of this. I had the misfortune of dealing with guy – several years ago.

    One thing you should know: he travels light (I’ll bet there wasn’t much left in his office that belonged to him and that he had a laptop – which he took before the rest of you got screwed).

    He is smooth and preys on anyone’s sense of optimism and hope. Needless to say, I’m pleased to see another one of his ‘ventures’ has folded.

    Cheaters never learn.

  17. Finally I know why as a writer I never got paid for my October work and why I was unable to send in my requested December contribution because the email system and websites had been turned off.

  18. John Marshall isn’t on the lam, he is looking for new investors to start up a new venture, like some one else said, if he comes to you with a proposal, RUN.

  19. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission said on Friday it had obtained a court order freezing the assets of the Brookshire Raw Materials Management for allegedly misappropriating $4.6 million in a Ponzi scheme.

    “(The asset freeze order), arises from a CFTC complaint filed the same day charging the defendants with misappropriating more than $4.6 million of customer funds and destroying records, among other things,” the CFTC said in a release.

    The freeze also prohibited the destruction of documents by the Barrington, Illinois, commodity pool operator, Brookshire Raw Materials Management, LLC, its principals John Marshall and Stephen Adams, as well as Brookshire Raw Materials Group Inc and Brookshire and Company Ltd, of Toronto, Ontario.–freezes-Brookshire-funds–alleges-Ponzi-scheme_17464.aspx

  20. For the person who says they worked at DEX and felt the need to discredit and belittle everyone who worked there, clearly you have little heart.
    Weathercasters? Please. Inept writers? Please. And to the several references to the evil ex-radio guy? Again, please. I somehow almost doubt the people who can so carelessly pounce on their former coworkers, because there was actually a great deal of comraderie at DEX. People got along very well. There were many joyous days, people were willing to step up to the plate, there was no fear of challenges.
    This is perhaps why people were all too willing and naive to listen to a professional scumbag like JM.
    Tear apart the company if you wish. But the people that worked there were good people who tried to make DEX a success for the sake of the team. That’s why come the massive layoff in late Novemeber, all those asked to stay on, did so. No one jumped ship, because no one wanted to let the others down.
    Sounds like a pretty great group of people, no?

  21. Amen to Anonymous from Feb. 24. Ann, I’m not sure why you think I should put in a “humble-pie eating appearance”. I think Anonymous put it succinctly. We believed in the project even if the management turned out to be suspect. So why don’t you just give it a rest and stick to your dog websites?

  22. The Toronto offices on Dufferin street have been vacant for a few months now save that they are full of all the business gear.. massive copiers and PC’s all over the place..
    there are three units in the building and all locked up with all the contents still inside. Apparently at the time they were shut out, they owed the building more than 50K in rent.

    yes, I do work in the same building 🙂

  23. Meow, Chris.

    May I point you to your comment above where you say, “We are not owned by a commodity hedge fund or brokerage company but a media company called Brookshire Media.”

    Not exactly good reporterial instincts.

    You and your colleagues have my full sympathies being out of work at this difficult time for both the industry and the economy in general.

    However, it would have been a good idea to ask the very basic question: What does DexTV have that will make it succeed where so many others are in trouble?

    The answer was obvious to viewers: nothing.

    Same for Geosign and secretive CEP News?

  24. Lenka, in what respect did you deal with Marshall? I had wondered what happened with his former company/ies. There was too much bragging about how fantastic they were with no explanation as to why they were no longer around.

  25. Brookshire Media also had another startup TV show called More On Line, it was a brain child of Sheeba Varghese and John Marshall.

    Last year Marshall sponsored a fishing tournament with huge prize money.

    The salary cheques stopped in October, staff are owed close to $8,000. Many staff approached the Federal and Provincial governments, and were told they cannot advise or assist in anyway. T4s were not issued so employees are stuck.

    When all the companies closed on Dec. 5th close to 60 employess were left stranded, EI started issuing cheques about 1 week ago.

  26. “However, it would have been a good idea to ask the very basic question: What does DexTV have that will make it succeed where so many others are in trouble?

    The answer was obvious to viewers: nothing.”

    Wrong again, Ann. It was not a lack of viewers that caused Dex TV to implode. Quite the contrary. As your own posts intimate, it was bad management. What Dex TV had was a concept that worked. You seem fixated on the notion that the editorial content was devoid of anything useful or informative, was “bought and paid-for” by companies (referring to a URL from the very earliest days in 2007) and was therefore a complete flop! A good journalist should know when to back away from an untenable stance. As for your quoting my comment that Dex was not owned by a commodity fund, I stand by that. Dex was owned by Brookshire and Co. Brookshire and Co had several subordinate companies, one of which was Brookshire Media. Brookshire Media owned Dex TV and an internal marketing agency. A fine line, you might argue, but AT NO TIME were we told what to report or who to interview. I repeat: NEVER. And there was never any paid editorial during my tenure, another element of your position that Dex TV had nothing unique to offer. Frankly, you work on hearsay; you never stepped foot inside Dex TV and you complain that your request(s) for an interview were turned down. So you continue to belabour an old viewpoint even though umpteen posts from former employees tell a different story.

  27. It is strange that the story about John Marshall and his ponzi scheme broke out in the US media last week and the Canadian media is mute about it, is it because we don’t like reporting about our homegrown international scam artists?

  28. I agree with Chris Henry to a point. While Dex.TV was not owned by the hedge fund, they were all part of the same group of companies, and very related. For the first 5 months of DEX.TV, the studio was in the same office as the hedge fund. In fact some of the people who worked on Dex.TV were hedge fund employees.

    As for the stories, there was a list of what could be reported on, and what could not. Especially when it came to Jim rogers.

    Almost all the info was taken from Bloomberg and rewritten, talk about original. And viewers??? there were none to speak off…. why watch CNBC where they actually know what they are talking about, lets watch DEX.TV where the news is stale, the anchors, while god bless them are trying, have very little business knowledge, let alone market knowledge.

    the whole thing was doomed for the start. The Toronto Star story nailed it on the head. Everyone who worked there, came for the high salary.

  29. High salaries? Sure, maybe the ones who started back when DEXtv was a half hour read-through of recycled business news. But salaries went down, and all those actual professionals hired later were paid an industry standard sum.
    When the money started to thin, those paid the hefty salaries were timely let go.
    What may have attracted people was the notion that if this start-up were to succeed, those who where there from the start would cash in. At least, that’s why I stuck by it until the bitter end.

  30. Marshall and Adams always had success stories. When I knew him(John) he was driving a 10 year old compact car that he barely fit into. He told me that he was done with the Porsche lifestyle and decided to scale back for the environment. They did managed to stiff the landlord $30000. Weeks later, they were in their new digs on Dufferin.
    Was his wife associated with Dex TV?

  31. Chris,

    You seem to be in denial. DexTV was, as another commenter has aptly noted, awful.

    Every time I tuned in the anchors had that dazed, deer-in-the headlights look you get from ripping and reading Bloomberg copy you don’t understand.

    Dex looked lie the Hicksville local TV News crossed with SNL. It was no Wall Strip.

    As for viewers, I’d be willing to wager that my dog sites have a bigger audience.

    Over to you in the green sports jacket.

  32. Sorry I meant Rick.
    C’mon even at JCI, you’re trying to tell me that John was a good christian man as he preached.
    Boy, did he preach.
    Perhaps,he shouldn’t have taken the lord’s name in vain.

  33. John Marshall of Brookshire Raw Materials, always bragged that he rubbed shouldered with Toronto’s high society, I am beginning to think there is some truth to this.

    This story broke in the US a week ago, and it took Canadian “media” about 5 days to even make an obscure mention it. I made a comment on, ( which they never published and apparently subsequently removed the comment option from the article entirely, It was the same comment I made on this website, which seems to be our only sound box. Thanks to Ann.

    As for Chris Henry he still fails to realize that John M Marshall took investors money and misappropriated it. was completely paid for from a hedge fund, which is illegal and completely immoral.

    John M Marshall’s target audience for dex tv was HENRY, that was his slogan, and pitch.

    High Earners Not Rich Yet,

    HENRY are producers; they create wealth, jobs, and goods. They believe in a fair exchange of effort for money. HENRY’s are looking for guidance on not just their long-term investments, but their businesses and life goals. (This sounds like some thing that Sheeba Varghese came up with).

    In the US our group of HENRY’s have;
    Income level: $250k – $500k
    Net Worth $500,000 – $4 Million
    Age: 30-55 years
    Total US population 303,542,290
    30-55 years 108,668,140
    HENRY’s 57,673,035

    Prior to this scheme he was involved with Steve Adams with JCI corp.


    A Thornhill man has had his assets in the United States frozen on allegations he and a Toronto man were running a Ponzi scheme that deprived Illinois investors of $4.6 million US.

    Past employees and landlords of Stephen Z. Adams of Thornhill and John M. Marshall of Caledon said they have been left holding the bag.

    How come the United States is freezing the assets of these crooks, and the Canadian officials are doing nothing, basically turning a blind eye, when these individuals broke various laws, e.g.; failing to pay employees on time, failing to give notice of termination, failing to issue Record of Employment, Failing to issue T4s, to list a few, are the Canadian various governments allowing it’s high profile citizens to fleece the rich, and abuse the average working stiff?

    The treatment most of the employees of John M. Marshall and Stephen Z. Adams received during the Christmas season from the EI office and the Ministry of Labor was insulting and horrendous at best, and is still on going.

    Some employees still have not gotten EI cheques as of date, some started getting cheques a couple of weeks ago, this was the first set of money they got since last being paid in October. I was evicted by my landlord, and is currently living uncomfortably at my in-laws.

    We paid allot of taxes and our own government refuse to help us, it really does not get any worse then this, as a citizen I could not get help from the city, province or federal governments, thank you Mr. Miller, Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Harper, give the banks and the auto companies hundreds of billions, but ignore the people that were truly abused by companies that you licensed.

  35. I know this much, when the ex-radio man, who is as slimy as john came on board and then recruited his buddies for salaries well into the 70k+ range I knew we were in for a very interesting run. Then when the format was changed to a 680news type of wheel, and the commercials that aired on DEX.TV were for free, the station was doomed.

    As for the anchors, its not their fault, in order to be comfortable discussing financial news, you actually need to know something about finance.

  36. I agree wholeheartedly with the anonymous poster from earlier today.

    Above and beyond what disrespect and injustice was shown to us employees by John Marshall and Steve Adams, the Canadian government should be the most ashamed.
    I have been paying my taxes annually, paying into EI for years, given to charities and so on. For a decade of work later to ask for assistance from the government (which I have never asked anything of before) and to be treated so carelessly is appalling.
    I was one of the fortunate few who received EI sometime in January, but yes, some are still out. And with some 100 people calling the labor board with the exact same complaint (no pay, no ROE, no T4), you think they’d say something more than, “We’re trying.”
    And all this in an economic downfall. I understand this has significantly raised the number of people on EI and the number of claims against businesses for improper payment, etc. But here’s an idea Mr. McGuinty: How about you hire more people to work at Service Canada. That way, you take some people off EI, and you give all the others the timely and proper treatment they deserve.

  37. What about the people that have been with Marshall since the JCI days? I believe they were part of Marshall’s scams. They knew to get there personal belongings out before any of the office buildings that they settled in, locked them out (way before DexTV)
    I believe they are just as responsible. They stayed with Marshall out of greed! Hoping to cash in. And I’m sure they did a few times.
    They didnt seem to care about employees and investors. They knew they would be rewarded as long as they were loyal to the sociopath, Marshall and his butt boy Adams.
    Just an opinion

  38. I'd like to know more about what the last anonymous poster is talking about.

    As far as I know, there are NO past JCI employees that were working for DexTV (besides John & Steve obviously). Also none of the past employees ever "cashed in" back then, and I'm fairly certain I'd know.

    I worked for JCI, and am assuming the last poster did as well? so he/she is probably someone I know. Anyways feel free to email me privately. As beside the sad endings that occurred back then, the people I worked with were fantastic individuals and I wished I kept more in touch.

  39. My experience with Service Canada & other government agencies trying to get some assistance was horrible, and I heard the same from most of my colleagues. I don't know if they are just incompetent or just lazy.

    We were not paid since October, there was no money to pay rent, buy food, etc.

    I do hope when I find a job I will never have to go back to any level of government in Canada for anything.

    Another sad part of this fiasco, was that genuinely nice people who worked for these crooks got a really lousy Christmas holiday and were screwed over again by all levels of government.

    Kudos to Marshall, Adams, McGuinty, and Harper for a job well done, luckily the US government had to step in and clean up the mess all of you helped to create.

  40. That’s difficult to answer in such a public forum.

    Extremely good at building relationships, marketing, developing and promoting a vision, instilling ownership and dedication, and very beneficial in giving people experience and pushing people to really think think think outside the box. Can be extremely well spoken and can build trust very quickly, which makes things extremely bitter with individuals when/if promises don’t turn out as well as originally planned.

    At the same time I think sometimes getting too big too fast is a problem. Maybe taking baby-steps in growth instead of going big fast. But the tech market around 1999 was more about getting big fast fast fast and forget about profitability. When your in that type of market and under pressure to grow in size quickly, and then all of a sudden the funding/finance market goes “poof” overnight. Things become extremely difficult.

    I think John might also try and turn things around (i.e. keep on hoping/trying) to far past the point that the plug should be pulled. I don’t think he likes to ‘give up’. That can both be a good or bad thing. In some situations maybe it’s better to give up and move on rather than continue to try and move mountains which just ends up digging yourself deeper into a hole.

    Plus, do some google searches on “Mark Valentine” and “Thomson Kernaghan”. Sadly they were the ones at the end looking after getting financing for us, only to find out what kind of person Mr. Valentine turned out to be.

    Anyways, John’s extremely good at getting into markets and knowing the key decision makers quickly. I was there in 2002 when he met the President of Pakistan (Musharraf) while there on business for multiple other companies. Was surprised how quickly that meeting took place.

    I was also surprised how little the Star article mentioned about any of the exciting past besides just the hockey stuff. I think the article was just very quickly researched probably without diving into too much detail.

  41. John Marshall lived the high life, he probably though he was a mini Madoff.

    He owned expensive boats, drove fancy cars, his mansion is on a tract of land north of Toronto that has it’s own river.

    He sponsored fishing tournaments with huge prize purses. He started his own TV station after he was bitten with the onscreen bug a few years earlier.

    He also surrounded himself with inexperienced beautiful women in all his offices, and they were in high profile positions that paid extremely well.

    How to spot a ponzi 101

  42. Marshall is well spoken. But, you(Rick) failed to acknowledge that his promises were lies.
    He cheated decent hard working people(investors). As for “turning things around” – this guy has no clue how to run a business. He talks alot, acts like a big shot, but he has never had a plan. Knew how to get money from decent people, just didnt know what to do with it.
    (Oh, wait, except buy big houses, and nice cars.)He’s become lazy/too important in his old age and expected these companies to “just grow”. Thinking his staff will make it work. His ego got him nailed. (and his greed, of course)

  43. This is a reply to the recent post by “Anonymous”.

    I haven’t kept in touch with John over the past couple years.

    So I don’t have experience about what transpired with DexTV (I think what’s what you’re talking about when your mentioning investors being cheated?).

    I also don’t know about “big houses” or “mansions”. He lived in a modest home when I worked with him so I can’t comment on events in the past couple years.

    I was talking about my experiences which were all pre-DexTV.

  44. is the girl fishing with them in that youtube video above john marshall’s girlfriend or wife?

    they were together quite alot

  45. Not sure. A few years ago John was married to a German woman named Heike. Believe me, the girl in the video looks nothing like her.

  46. I dont know what happened to Heike and their dream house in Bolton. They were just such an odd match. I can only assume that she had money and Marshall had his hands on it. Then, he moved on.

  47. They said in TorStar that owner of that their house is Adams. Looks that they are hiding assets?
    What else they have in ownership aside of this `Adams` house. I guess some boat on Ontario Place?

  48. The house in Bolton was never owned by Adams. That house actually belonged to John’s, I’m guessing, “ex” wife’s brother. Dude has been hiding for a long time. It’s the Caledon house with it’s own river that is owned by Adam’s company. Dont forget, Adams lives on “BROOKSHIRE CIRCLE”.

  49. Must be most beautiful house if it is `dream house` with river.
    Boat `Ontario Place` must be on his girlfriend`s name. I guess.

  50. Lyle put together Kingstadle solutions, predecessor of Brookshire and after JCI (where he worked as director of sales I think).

  51. was he a shareholder, or an advisor to Brookshire? As for Clyde Harrison, it appears that he has nothing to do with the Ponzi scheme.

  52. Do not know for Lyle but know that Julian Baldry, top mining expert was.
    Was Julian shareholder of Brookshire too.

  53. Lyle has nothing to do with Brookshire or DexTV.

    He was part of Kingsdale Solutions for a period of time but he left that a long time ago (way before John left Kingsdale Solutions).

    Lyle was not a shareholder or advisor of brookshire or affiliated with it in anyway.

  54. What some of you guys are posting about personal relationships/girlfriends is just wrong. But as that’s getting too personal/private I don’t think it’s relvant to post corrections.

  55. Girl in the fishing video is not his wife or girlfriend. She was the first producer of DEXtv and then worked in head office. From what I know, he is still with his wife. Or at least was at the DEX launch party last summer.

  56. Thanks for the link. I had no idea that JCI went bankrupt. Very interesting.
    I hope ALL of the victims take the advice of the lawyer in video and “go after” the heads of the company!(’cause they can)

  57. It is amazing the various levels of govenments in Canada keep allowing these clowns to run con games. It appears the only people that will do something is the US.

  58. The girl in the fishing boat was the Dextv producer. His wife was there also. I shot those fishing clips. Marshall also stiffed the production company i was working for about 15 grand in production costs.

  59. that wasn’t shot on his boat but it was there. I can see where your wages went, his boat was easily worth 100 grand. The name “DexTV”
    I’ll dig up some footage and post it sometime.

  60. Many employees of Brookshire were good meaning people that had been swindled by JM. He would hire young kids right out university that didn’t know things could be better anywhere else – they were still naive enough to think that the way things were run at brookshire was normal. The way things were run – everything was completely hack!

    Not to mention that he would periodically bring in his rottweiler that would freely walk around the office.

  61. Some big mafia guys that are running this country are behind?
    Front mans story?

  62. Is John Marshall on the lam? I think I know one of his residences. And he is married, but not to someone named Heike. Or maybe he has more than one wife?

  63. I don't know about JM but Adams recently got a new job with a big fat pay check and LOTS of perks. Who would hire these guys??? Probably another scam…

  64. I agree with all who have stated that the woman in the video clip was not John's girlfriend. She was the first DexTV producer, who then went on to work with the marketing/design business (which were a great bunch of people who just had a horrible investor). Never saw the slightest bit of evidence of impropriety in their relationship, all business.

    I worked at DexTV in the summer of 2008 as a seasonal intern. I actually sat closer to Marshall than anyone in the office. Within a month of working there I knew that there were some very fishy things going on, but it was also clear that everyone else was trying to work hard and get things done before John/Stephen would inevitably play the foil and delay what seemed to be basically intelligent actions. I quite literally cashed my paycheques during my breaks on the day I got them because I was afraid of them bouncing.

    I can understand why some may want to accuse the on-air talent or Dex.TV producers for not realizing the extent of what was occurring, but you shouldn't forget that they didn't work in the same building and weren't even connected to the day-to-day side of any of John Marshall and Stephen Adams dealings. I was on the periphery without any inside access and I knew something was up.

    The two accountants were nice guys, but both had not been in this country for long and it's not surprising that Adams could feed them a line. The analysts were kept away from any inside financial material because they would've cracked it. There was also this guy, Gary Ussling (sp?) who was always coming in and seeming to do very little work. I'm still curious as to what he was doing…

    Most of the people in the Brookshire umbrella were good people just doing there job. Most new something was strange, but never saw anything to suggest that financial impropriety was what it was. VERY few people were privy to the "inside game".

  65. John Marshall owns the hose at the Sneath Rd.bridge in Bolton.It is currently up for sale (MLS)for $799,000. and his big fishing boat that is worth over $100,000. is also for sale for I think $80,000.John used to be a friend and although he took us out many times for very expensive evenings I told him there was no way I could reciprocate on my earnings.We got along great until he owed me $500.00 for his vehicle repair.We had them over for dinner and he had one beer and said all of two words the entire evening.Heike said they would have us over for dinner soon.That was almost a year ago.Another issue was he tried to sell me 2 lots on a golf coarse they were developing in Port Severn.I was interested but when I checked local pricing it seemed like a scam.Also there was no equipment on site which seemed very strange at the time.We liked the Marshalls and feel its to bad they have to burn all there bridges especially with people you think are your friends.I guess every thing in his life is material and nothing else matters.Good luck in the future where ever you may go John,I just don't know how long you can run and hide

  66. Does anyone know the latest on the investigation or the current activities of Marshall/Adams? I am a former employee from another company they launched 11 years ago – exactly the same story, just substitute "digital file services for Media companies" with "DexTV".

  67. yes Heike and john live @ 65 sneath rd in bolton. KARMA…what goes around comes around

  68. "Quit making things up! "

    John Marshall was sentenced day before Conrad Black, in the same court, I believe even same honorable judge St.Eve. Steven Adams beginning of that week.


    Find an inmate. 42615-424

    Register Number: 42615-424
    Age: 57
    Race: White
    Sex: M
    Located at: Moshannon Valley CI
    555 GEO DRIVE
    Release Date: 06/14/2018

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