That sure takes moxie with an I and an E

Readers were kind enough to tip us off about the Geosign/Moxy Media rebranding a while back, but their comments have gotten kind of buried, and we’re getting queries so here are two good summaries of what’s going on:

1) Tech Soapbox including a Geosign employee’s comments on the matter direct from Google’s cache.

2) Domain Name News: Geosign moves to shed arbitrage image, splits company in two.

Name changes don’t take overnight though, which is likely why Geosign was still Geosign in this announcement made yesterday at Mobile Content. It seems the new business partner 80108 Media has a a lot in common with Geosign. Mobile Content gave it a “scathing” review and suggested that its $12 million in VC funding was “more proof that foolish money is back in venture capital.”

Well, at least it wasn’t $160 million.

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