I am a spam site

Anonymous in the comments points out that http://www.annbrocklehurst.com is its very own “arbitrage” site. Apparently the domain name was registered July 11, 2007.
Googling Moniker and Geosign lands us at this this very interesting site.

My oh my.

6 thoughts on “I am a spam site

  1. I love that electrolosys site! That woman is a bona fide maniac. Back when I was an employee there, I saw some of the hate mail she sent in to Geosign because she thought she owned “[cityname][generic noun]”… at one point in her correspondence she called the entire staff of Geosign and Mr. Montague Chan a bunch of child-molesting pedophiles. Wow!

    Someone that unstable should not be allowed to weild an epilator…

  2. If “Boston School of Electrolysis” was just a [cityname][generic noun] then why did Geosign use it in their ads? Obviously the name has some significance or they wouldn’t have used it.

  3. “Obviously the name has some significance or they wouldn’t have used it.”

    i can’t count the number of times i’ve searched for “[noun] [my city]”. that’s why it’s significant. it could apply to anything. just because someone has a business called “Surf Boards of Honolulu” doesn’t mean they have the right to honolulusurfboards.com.

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