3 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. Sounds like Geosign purchased Experian’s client mailing list. Not exactly high tech

    Also, who owned Ontogenix before the so called strategic acquisition by Geosign? Was this another company formed by serial company starter Tim Nye and sold to his own company (like True Local?). Why is there no information on Ontogenix before the acquisition date?

  2. I agree that this could be just a mailing list, or better: a business directory. I guess Geosign can now complete their own database with additional data from Experian. E.g. Geosign knows the company name, and maybe a city. The data from Experian would add street, phone numbers, web site, and possibly geo data.

  3. Ontogenix was an independant startup, not initiated by Mr. Nye; However Geosign did get financially involved early in their product development…… when the acquisition was announced, the Ontogenix demo was still being debugged in beta

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